Waste dumped in woodland cleared

More than 175 tonnes of waste dumped in woodland near Newcastle has now been cleared.

The rubbish, which included shredded paper and bandages, but no hazardous material, was dumped at Gladding’s Wood in Madeley Heath on January 29th.

It is believed offenders broke open a gate to gain entry to the site.

Staffordshire County Council, working with the Forestry Commission and Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council, coordinated the removal from the car park and public footpath areas.

An excavator loaded 15 lorries over three days to take away rubbish for incineration, before Forestry Commission staff worked to remove as much of the very small waste as possible.

Clive Thomson, the Staffordshire County Council Commissioner responsible for the operation, said: “I’m pleased to see this public place being restored for the benefit of the community, but It’s extremely frustrating that public bodies have to spend taxpayers’ money cleaning up a crime.

“Dumping commercial waste like this has the potential to harm people and the environment and causes a great deal of trouble for the victims. If anyone sees anything suspicious I would urge them to contact the police as soon as possible.

“There is still some work to be done at the site before the public footpath is reopened, but we hope that will be within the next week.”

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