Two bears find love in North Staffordshire lockdown

Divoc and Margie prepare for their honeymoon - photo courtesy of Kathryn Harvey

A law lecturer at Staffordshire University has been helping to tell a love story of two bears during lockdown.

Kathryn Harvey began with just one bear which she placed in her front garden to help cheer up neighbours and local children out on their daily walk.

But since then things have escalated slightly, and Kathryn has now raised over £1,500 for the Donna Louise Trust.

The relationship between the two bears began when a neighbour donated another bear and Kathryn's family began coming up with different story scenes to put the two in every day.

The idea to raise funds for a good cause came about when the winner of a competition to name one of the bears asked if they could make a charitable donation instead of receiving the prize, and so Kathryn came up with the idea of doing it for the Donna Louise.

Kathryn says that her two children help her come up with new adventures for the two bears, named Divoc (covid backwards) and Margie, every night and neighbours help out with props and other bits and pieces the family need to bring the story to life.

If you would like to find out more about what Divoc and Margie are up to or to donate to the fund raising for the Donna Louise, please go to: https://www.facebook.com/donate/167017604623093/

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