Stray cat found with corrosive substance burns

The RSPCA is warning residents to keep corrosive substances safely stored away, after a stray cat was found with serious injuries.

A resident living in Deakin Grove, in Newcastle, came across the injured animal when she was viewing a camera set up in her garden to watch hedgehogs.

She saw the cat, who was clearly injured, in her garden and contacted the RSPCA.

Animal Collection Officer Julie Lyons was sent to the scene, and was able to safely capture the male adult cat.

He had lost most of his fur and had bad skin so she rushed him to the vets.

Julie said: “The vet said that they believe the cat had somehow come into contact with a corrosive substance which has caused severe fur loss and burns to the skin.

“The skin was infected but new skin growth had begun which suggests the poor cat had been like this for some time and would have been in excruciating pain.

“The cat was immediately given pain relief and has undergone laser treatment to treat the skin. He also had an operation to remove some of the more damaged skin.

“I am pleased to say he is now doing great in our care and he is due to be rehomed soon to a resident who lives near where he was found.

“This just goes to show how important it is for people to make sure any corrosive liquids they have in their gardens and sheds are securely put away as they pose a risk to all wildlife and can cause lots of pain and suffering.”

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