Stone restaurant lands large fine for out of date food

Out-of-date salmon found by health inspectors at The Lounge in Stone

The Lounge bar on the High Street in Stone has been fined for hygiene breaches following visits by health inspectors.

A court has heard that food in the kitchen t was past its use by date and management failed to comply with a notice to clean up after a previous inspection.

Business owner, Bruno Da Silva, admitted three charges relating to breaches of food hygiene regulations in a case brought by Stafford Borough Council.
He was fined £2400, ordered to pay £1825 in costs with a £170 victim surcharge.

Magistrates at Newcastle Under Lyme court were told that:

 •    Smoked salmon was out of date (pictured)

•    An opened tub of coleslaw was past its use by date

•    There was no soap for the kitchen wash-hand basin

•    There was no disinfectant in the kitchen

•     Areas of the bar and kitchen were dirty

And on follow up inspections over the next few months the court heard things were still not satisfactory with:

•      Packs of raw meat next to cooked lasagne in the fridge

•      Milk was out of date

•      The standard of cleaning had not improved

•      Cooked and raw meats had no date labels on them

Simon Turner, prosecuting on behalf of the council, said Mr Da Silva had been served an improvement notice in October 2017 but this had not been complied with when environmental health officers returned to inspect the premises in December 2017 and last May.

The court also heard that Mr Da Silva struggled to cope because of personal problems and that the business would make a loss this year. 

 Following the case, Councillor Frank Finlay, Cabinet Member for Environment and Health, said: “The safety of the public is paramount and we work closely with food businesses to ensure that high standards of hygiene are adhered to.

“We are there to help because ultimately we want quality places to eat out in our borough. Any business that continually fails to put in measures to protect the public can expect to be prosecuted.”

The council inspects hundreds of eating out venues across the area to ensure hygiene is complied with, and each business is given a food hygiene rating on a scale from 0 to 5 when it is inspected.

The top rating is ‘5’ - which means the hygiene standards are very good. The bottom is ‘0’ - which indicates urgent improvement is required.

The council says it has given nearly 860 businesses - around 69% - the highest rating and 96 per cent of all the borough businesses a satisfactory rating of 3 or higher.


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