Stoke South MP calls for inquiry into money wasted on failed cancer care contract plans

Stoke South MP Rob Flello has called for an inquiry after plans to award a cancer care contract for Staffordshire were scrapped.

The process started in 2013 to award a contract to improve communication and co-ordination between current providers.

But commissioners have decided that the only bidder for the contract was not able to convince them of its viability, and the contract will now not be awarded.

Rob said: "I’m delighted that this will not now go ahead, but it is with a somewhat heavy heart.  

"The CCGs have only abandoned these plans because it has finally been proven that they were never going to work, and we have to be careful that they do not just emerge again with a few changes.

“There are also questions to be answered about the resources that have now been wasted.  I understand that nearly £1m has been spent on the tender process, not to mention the staffing cost, all of which would have been better spent on improving patient care.  I’ll be demanding an enquiry into the money that has been wasted.”

A separate procurement continues for end of life care and the winning bidder is expected to be announced in the next few months.

Rob added: “This fight is certainly not over.

“As another attempt at privatisation remains, and I will be doing all I can to ensure that the CCGs realise the mistakes they have made on that contract, too.”




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