Stoke MP calls on PM to tackle root causes of poverty

The MP for Stoke Central has challenged the Prime Minister to look again at issues that contribute to financial pressures on people in the city.

Gareth Snell has spoken during PMQs in the House of Commons today, following the release of the Hardship Commission's report.

It has documented the challenges faced by people in the Potteries.

Mr Snell said: "This week the Stoke-on-Trent Hardship Commission published, that demonstrated that income, education and employment were the driving factors of poverty in our city.

"I have sent the Prime Minister a copy, and would invite her to read it.

"But may I ask her to use what time and authority she has left in her office to look at fixing Universal Credit, to look at funding our schools and our further education colleges properly, and to raise the national living wage rate for under 25s, so collectively we can deal with the root causes of poverty"

Theresa May replied: "The Honourable Gentleman has raised a number of issues.

"He will know that I believe that Universal Credit actually is a better system than the legacy system we inherited from the last Labour Government.

"I think it does help people into the workplace, and it ensure as they earn more they are able to keep more of that money.

"On the issue of further education funding, I have already indicted on the back of the Augar review - which looked at post 18 education - that I think it is important that we ensure that our further education colleges are funded and able to provide an alternative route through education for those young people for whom that is right."



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