Serving Staffordshire Police officer admits failing to provide a breath specimen following collision

A serving Staffordshire Police officer has pleaded guilty to failing to provide a specimen of breath following a crash in Burslem.

Sergeant Karl Breen, of the Stoke North policing team, was arrested on 2 March after being involved in a crash on Wyndham Road, at around 8.15pm.

He will be sentenced on May 7.

The 38-year-old remains suspended from duty and will now be subject to internal misconduct proceedings.

Deputy Chief Constable, Nick Baker, said: “Sergeant Breen’s actions fell well below the high standards that the public and Staffordshire Police demand and expect of police officers.

“Officers must be held to account for their actions in order to maintain the public’s trust and confidence in policing and the integrity of the service.”

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