Ruth Smeeth has her say on anti-semitism after TV programme was aired

Stoke North MP Ruth Smeeth says last night's Panoroma programme has yet again laid bare the scale of Labour's anti-semitism problem.

She says we must act now to tackle this racism, while there is still a Labour Party worth saving.

In a strongly worded statement, she said: "It is heartbreaking that the people who are standing up against antisemitism in the Labour Party should now find themselves the victim of smears and intimidation by lawyers who normally act for vested corporate interests.

"The hostility to this investigation and to our hardworking former staff by advisors to the leadership and senior staff members is just the latest proof of what we already know, that they really don't care about the impact they are having on real people.

"People need to be held accountable for their actions.

"Those who have brought our party into disrepute by enabling anti-semitism must resign, and of they do not, they must be sacked.

"Party members who have perpetuated a culture of anti-semitism, harassment and intimidation must be suspended and expelled. Constituency Labour Parties who fail to act should be put into special measures."

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