Role of Special Constables in Staffordshire and Cheshire honoured

National Specials Weekend has begun as part of the wider 'National Volunteers Week' which runs annually in the first week of June.

National Specials Weekend, a national celebration of all those individuals who dedicate their spare time to help police their local communities.

Volunteers that make up Staffordshire Police’s Special Constabulary gave up a whopping total of 77,664 hours for the force last year.

As part of Specials Weekend Staffordshire Police is celebrating the 240 Specials who give up their time to help us keep communities safe on a weekly basis.

The Special Constabulary is made up of volunteers who wear a uniform and have the same police powers as those carried out by a regular police officer.

To celebrate Specials Weekend, volunteers will be carrying out road safety work focused on drink driving, aiming to reduce the number of deaths on Staffordshire’s roads.

Special constables from the Rural and Wildlife team will also be engaging with local communities on Sunday (2 June) and other Specials will be helping response teams across the county.

Cheshire’s Special Constabulary will be out and about this weekend tackling local community issues across the county.

Cheshire has a number of Special Constables who dedicate their free time to keeping the communities of Cheshire safe. The weekend will see specials out and about each day taking part in a variety of policing activities across the county with a focus on local community issues and road safety. 

Specials will be at Tatton Park’s Classic Car Show promoting road safety alongside officers from the Roads and Crime Unit and colleagues from Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service.

They will be demonstrating the consequences committing one of the "Fatal 5" can have, by showcasing the ‘Think Car’ - a vehicle involved in a fatal collision - as well as a drink/drive simulator. 

"The Fatal 5" are the five main contributory factors in fatal collisions, these are careless driving, speeding, drink/drug driving, using a mobile phone while driving and not wearing a seatbelt. 

Continuing with the road safety theme, specials will also be involved in a number of roads policing operations throughout the weekend, targeting those motorists committing one of the Fatal 5 offences.

Cheshire Police's Citizens in Policing lead, Chief Inspector Louise Cherrington said: “It is really important we recognise the value of the Special Constabulary and this weekend gives us the perfect opportunity to do that.

"It is vital we show the public the contribution each and every one of our Special Constables brings in helping to keep Cheshire safe.

“We have a fantastic Special Constabulary full of dedicated, determined and selfless individuals, and I am sure that the weekend's activity will leave a positive impact within our local communities."

CI Cherrington added: "As a Special Constable you are in an unrivalled position to help the local community and make it a safer place to live. The work of the police is extremely varied and as such, your experiences will reflect this.

"The role is challenging and rewarding and I would encourage anyone who would like to help tackle local issues to seriously consider applying to join our team." 

Staffordshire Police's Chief Superintendent Jeff Moore, Head of Neighbourhood and Partnerships, said: “Our Special Constables give up their time voluntarily to make our communities safer on a daily basis and Staffordshire Police are extremely grateful for the excellent support.

"The numbers of hours they give us is invaluable.

“Our Specials are part of our team and we would continue to encourage anyone interested in policing or making a difference in the communities in Staffordshire to consider joining such an exciting and rewarding role.”

To apply to become a Special Constable with Cheshire Police visit the jobs page on the force website. https://www.cheshire.police.uk/jobs/special-constables/

Anyone interested in joining the Special Constabulary with Staffordshire Police can sign up to our familiarisation event on 27 June here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/special-constabulary-familiarisation-event-27-june-2019-tickets-62250012463?utm_campaign=SocialSignIn&utm_medium=social&utm_source=Facebook



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