Road safety crackdown around bet365 stadium

Stoke City fans are being warned against using the A50 slip roads to be picked up or dropped off ahead of their final game of the season at the bet365 stadium.

A third safety operation is taking place, following incidents where lines of people have been stood on the wrong side of the safety barrier, waiting for cars and taxis to pick them up.

The city council’s mobile CCTV enforcement car and Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership’s mobile camera van will be in the area to deter people from stopping on the slip road and surrounding streets, with anyone caught facing further action.

Malcolm Dawson, strategic manager for highways and transportation services at the city council, said: “Following the tremendous success of previous safety operations at Stoke City home games, there has been a notable downturn in illegal and dangerous activity on the A50 exit slip road to the bet365 Stadium.

"The numbers of recorded incidents of such activity have been dramatically reduced following the joint safety operation.”

Chief Inspector Karen Stevenson, who is based at Longton Police Station, said: “Stopping or slowing on the busy A50 to drop off or collect pedestrians in and around the bet365 Stadium puts a high level of unnecessary risk on both pedestrians and other road users.

"The police will work with partners to take positive action on anyone suspected of doing this.”

A spokesman for Stoke City Football Club said: “More and more people are taking unnecessary risks by pulling over on the A50 slip road to drop off or collect supporters.

"They are not only putting their own lives in jeopardy but those of people who just happen to be using what is a very busy road.

“The safety of all football supporters visiting the bet365 Stadium is of paramount importance to us as a club and we fully support the crackdown on people who think it’s acceptable to stop on the slip road.”



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