Review starts into Newcastle election process

An independent review has started into voting at the general election in Newcastle.

The Borough Council asked for a review following claims made on social media on 8 June about issues with voting, mainly regarding university students. 

Criticisms focused on:

  • The issue of postal votes
  • Individuals whose application to join the Electoral Register was awaiting determination
  • Voters who had been added to the Electoral Register after poll cards were issued being able to vote in polling stations

The former Director of Electoral Administration at the Electoral Commission, Andrew Scallan CBE, has been appointed to conduct the assessment.

Mr Scallan said: “The review will involve discussions with a range of people and organisations involved in the election process in the borough.

"I will be looking at claims made in the media and on social media.”

He has already spoken to the three candidates and their agents, as well as council officials and student representatives. 

A consultation session is planned for voters to speak to Mr Scallan about their election experiences at the Civic Offices in Merrial Street, on Tuesday 4 July.

The timescale of the review has not yet been determined.




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