Residents set to take action against the smell from landfill site in Newcastle

People living near a landfill site in Newcastle say enough is enough and want action taken because of the smell.

Residents claim the odour from Walley's Quarry Landfill site has become unbearable.

A social media site has been set up called 'Stop The Stink.'

As a result, a public meeting has been held by locals in the Poolfields area.

In a statement, a spokesperson from Red Industries who operate the site said: "We are committed to operating our site to the highest standards and working positively with our neighbours.

"We work closely with the Environment Agency, including conducting odour checks in the local area, and we have an odour management plan which sets out how we manage and monitor odours.

"We take all complaints seriously and have looked into the perceived issues and can report that when carrying out odour tours, both inside and outside the boundary of the facility, some in conjunction with the Environment Agency, these have not highlighted a problem at the landfill site which would explain the level of concern expressed."

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said: “Walley’s Quarry landfill site holds a permit that is issued and regulated by the Environment Agency, as such we take seriously any concerns expressed regarding the site.

“We have received complaints of odour from local residents and in response we undertake odour checks in the area and visit the site regularly.  

“We will take action, in accordance with our compliance guidance if the operator is not operating in accordance with their permit.”


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