Record numbers for Staffordshire County Show

Organisers of the Staffordshire County Show say this year's event is one of their most successful yet.

The two day event at Stafford Showground attracted 65,000 visitors.

It has also seen the highest number of entries in sheep and cattle competitions in recent history.

With almost 800 entries to exhibit sheep, almost 300 cattle and increased numbers in horses, dogs and goat entries, organisers say it’s one of the most successful shows yet.

Around 500 people travelled from as far as New Zealand, Norway and Germany to enter the sheep shearing competition.

Richard Williams, Chief Executive of the Staffordshire and Birmingham Agricultural Society, said: “Cattle numbers have been declining for the last few years due to things like TB and the time it takes to transport and show them, but this year we have increased from about 220 to 270.

“It is a significant increase and we’re really pleased, especially as it’s new exhibitors coming in.

“Sheep increased to 790 as well - we are absolutely full for sheep, we can’t get any more in, and Boar goat numbers have been growing year on year, this year they are the highest yet at nearly 60.

“Dogs and horses are growing too, it’s all very positive and we’re so pleased to be able to show the very best in the world of agriculture.

“Besides this though, last year was a bumper year for trade stands and this year there has been a further increase too, we are literally full, at about 400.

“We have a good reputation as a friendly show so people clearly want to both come here and be represented here.”

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