Project offers people chance to get their hands on future technology in Stoke-on-Trent

Ben McManus using Oculus Rift

People in Stoke On Trent are being invited to test out the technology of the future at an event in the city today.

The taster sessions in the Mitchell Arts Centre today will allow anyone with an interest in technology the chance to find out more about Rasberry Pi computers, take part in workshops with futuristic smart materials, create their own ideal Stoke On Trent using Minecraft, and use code to create their own interactive software tool that creates artworks as images to export and share.

It is a pilot for a proposed creative technology centre called WaveMaker, which will find a permanent home in the city, creating a space for people of all ages who are interested in coding, making and technology in general.

The first WaveMaker taster sessions will explore the technology demands and interests of the local community.

The project aims to strengthen Stoke-on-Trent’s presence on the UK’s technology map and involves some of the most pioneering organisations in the area.

Click below to hear from Wavemaker's creative lead and managing director of bITjAM Ben McManus...


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