People urged to help vulnerable residents in Staffordshire

People across Staffordshire are being asked to step up and help out if they can, to take care of the most vulnerable people in the county.

Across the county, thousands of elderly and vulnerable people rely on personal care from a social carer—help taking medications, assistance in washing and dressing, and cooking meals.

Now, the county council is asking local people to step up and help out with these tasks if needed, to ensure care can continue if the coronavirus pandemic worsens.

More carers will also help keep people out of hospital and reduce the pressures on the NHS.

People who step up will receive training and support to carry out the tasks needed.

County Councillor Alan White, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Health, Care and Wellbeing said: “Thousands of people vulnerable residents rely on personal care in their homes, and their demand will increase as the Covid-19 pandemic continues across the country.

“People are still receiving care, but we really need more carers to help them and be there if a person’s usual carer can’t. Through our ‘iCare’ campaign, we’re asking local people to sign up to provide personal care to people in need. We want people to step up, step out of their comfort zone and help keep our people safe and well.

“Those who sign up will be trained and supported every step of the way, so my plea to everyone is quite simple—can you go the extra mile to keep vulnerable people safe and well? They’re relying on us.”

People who are interested in stepping up and helping out can visit www.staffordshire.gov.uk/icare to get more information and sign up.

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