Painters commended after saving elderly woman from Stafford flat fire

A pair of painters have been recognised for their courage in helping an elderly Stafford woman escape from a flat fire.

Tim McGann and Jason Maguire were carrying out work in an communal area of Jubilee Court on the morning of Wednesday December 7 2016, when they heard the woman shout for help.

They went into the smoke-filled flat and helped her to safety.

Upon inspection they found the boiler was alight, so closed all the doors to contain the fire and alerted the Care Manager who called 999.

The woman was treated for smoke inhalation, but fire bosses say if it was not for Mr McGann and Mr Maguire’s timely intervention, the situation could have been far more serious.

Mr McGann and Mr Maguire, who work for Housing Works, a division of Stafford and Rural Homes, have been commended by the Service.

Chief Fire Officer Becci Bryant said: “Thanks to the quick actions of Tim and Jason an elderly resident escaped serious injury.

“They both showed a great deal of courage by going into the smoke-filled flat and ensuring that the woman was led to safety.

"Although we actively discourage people from entering or returning to buildings that are on fire as this can result in them suffering serious injuries or worse, there is no doubt that their intervention prevented the outcome of this situation being far more serious."

She presented the pair with commendation certificate at Stafford Community Fire Station.



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