No plans to re-open beds at Bradwell Hospital despite winter pressure

Health commissioners say there has been no agreement to between them and the trust that runs hospitals in North Staffordshire to re-open rehabilitation beds in Bradwell Community Hospital this winter.

It follows speculation that they were to be brought back in to use to deal with extra pressure during the winter - with bosses at the Royal Stoke and County Hospital's saying they are currently 'critically full'.

The Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Groups closed the beds in March, as part of plans to reduce the number of people in hospital, and increase the number being cared for at home.

Marcus Warnes, Accountable Officer for the aid: “We have clearly set out the clinical evidence which says that in many cases a long, unnecessary stay in a community bed is not the best outcome for patients leaving an acute hospital bed.

"To deal with pending winter pressures, additional home based capacity has been commissioned along with additional nursing care beds at Brighton House in Newcastle-under-Lyme and at Jackfield Ward in Haywood Hospital.

“The 45 beds will open at the end of December. In total there will be 220 community beds in the system over winter for people that need them. The CCGs are concerned that speculation regarding Bradwell Hospital is taking place whilst we are gathering public opinion about the future of all five community hospitals and that people have the correct information about their local health and care services.”

Neil Carr, Chief Executive of SSOTP added “We are working with partners during the winter period to support additional demand on health services. We are currently pro-actively recruiting to vacancies in the new nursing facility at Brighton House and Jackfield Ward.

"The Partnership Trust is committed to supporting these community based services and will continue to work with the CCG to ensure patients receive the right services in the right place which is not a community hospital.”

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