No further action to be taken after allegations of fox hunting in Cheshire

Police in Cheshire say there is insufficient evidence for further action, following three separate allegations of illegal hunting with dogs.

The three allegations were made following the deaths of foxes during hunts in Huxley on 5 January, in Darnhall on 8 January, and in Hack Green on 5 February.

We are told on each occasion, detectives gathered video evidence and interviewed a number of people present or with relevant information.

Officers also sought early investigative advice from the Crown Prosecution Service - as had also happened with previous cases.

The force's investigation team has now concluded that there is insufficient evidence that any of the incidents amounted to deliberate and intentional hunting, as required by the Hunting Act 2004.

Consequently, no further action will be taken.

All parties involved have been informed of the outcome.

In a statement, Cheshire Police said: "As part of our commitment to policing wildlife crime, we will soon be holding a number of engagements in relation to hunting in Cheshire, and representatives who are both for and against have been invited to discuss the approaching hunt season.

"This will include an update following the last public scrutiny event, a voluntary code of conduct, the proposed policing strategy and, most importantly, the exploration of ways in which we can better work together to keep all our communities even safer."

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