Newcastle Foodbank moving to bigger warehouse

Newcastle Foodbank has received a New Year boost.

With the current storage space too small to hold all the items the charity receives to give to struggling families, social landlord Aspire Housing is allowing it to use space in its Chesterton depot.

The charity arm of the firm, The Realise Charity, is also giving £5,000 to the foodbank to help with set up costs.

The team at Aspire have offered the support, after seeing first hand the help they offer to those unable to make ends meet.

Michelle Padmoss, from the Housing Support and Wellbeing Team, said: "I use the foodbank a lot for customers that are in financial hardship.

"My colleagues and I are using it on a weekly basis, due to things like benefit cuts.

"If it wasn't for the foodbank people would actually starve."

Staff at Aspire Housing and PM training have also handed over a donation of food items, after holding a 'Reverse Advent Calendar' in December - with participants putting an item in each day. 

Sinéad Butters, Chief Executive at Aspire Housing said: “We are delighted to be supporting a charity which is so under pressure right now.

“Staff have responded generously to the appeal, and we are further helping the charity with a financial donation and we look forward to welcoming them to new premises at our depot in the coming months.

“This will help the foodbank to do even more in 2018, easing some of the burden for people who are unable to put food on the table.”


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