Moorlands house fire started accidentally

Crews were called to a house fire in the Staffordshire Moorlands, after a man was seen hanging out of a window.

Crews from Leek, Cheadle and Longton were called to Brookfields Road at 3.26pm yesterday (27 November).

When they arrived they found the property was well alight and the man - the only occupant at home at the time - had escaped from a window, helped by his neighbours.

The male was treated by paramedics at the scene but did not suffer any serious injuries and did not need to attend hospital.

Firefighters brought two cats out of the building and attempted to resuscitate them but unfortunately they died at the scene.

An investigation into the blaze has found it was caused by a faulty dehumidifier.

Station Manager Roy Daniels said: “The dehumidifier was plugged into an extension lead in the lounge and had developed a fault causing the fire. The electrical failure caused the mains to trip however the fire had already taken hold of soft furnishings and other materials within the lounge of the property.

“Fortunately we had previously installed smoke alarms at the home which alerted the occupier to the fire early on, allowing him to escape with the help of his neighbours. Sadly the two cats we removed from the property were not able to be saved and our thoughts are with their owners during this upsetting time.

“The home was badly damaged and the occupiers will not be able to return for some time. “This is a stark reminder to always check your appliances and ensure they are not damaged, that there are no frayed wires and that they carry the British Standard safety logo.”

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