Kidsgrove Sports Centre to be closed

Council bosses have decided to close Kidsgrove Sports Centre, due to its deteriorating condition and increasing maintenance costs.

A building condition survey has revealed at least £2.4 million would need spending on the ageing centre over the next seven years.

The survey indicated that £400,000 will need spending on the centre in the next year alone to repair and maintain it.

The centre is now set to close on 30th June.

The building, which opened in 1976, and is currently owned by Staffordshire County Council, but Newcastle Borough Council has been providing leisure services from the building, and managed community use at the centre for several years.

It was also used by the King's School, but their new building has a sports hall and other facilities, which means they will not need to use the Kidsgrove building to fulfil their curriculum obligations.

Deputy Leader of Staffordshire County Council Ian Parry said: “This has not been an easy decision, but the age and condition of the building means it is no longer a viable option.

"We invested £220,000 in the building over four years ago, but it is clear that there needs to be considerable investment to bring it up to standard.

"Given that the school no longer need it and the county council is not responsible for providing leisure facilities, we cannot justify the investment.”

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council is now considering how the health and well-being needs of Kidsgrove’s residents can continue to be met, without the sports centre. Alternative arrangements for gym members and children signed up for swimming lessons are also being considered.

A spokesman for the Borough Council, said: “What we are doing now as a matter of urgency, is looking at how we can continue to cater for the health and well-being needs of residents in Kidsgrove without having access to this building.

"We are exploring a number of options and hope to be able to say more on this matter shortly.”


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