Job cuts planned at Stoke-on-Trent College

Stoke-on-Trent College says it is planning 'targeted reductions in staffing levels' to cope with a drop in funding and student numbers.

In a statement, the college says it has put together a plan to deal with a reduction in government funding due to a fall in the number of school leavers in the region.

Staff have been notified of the proposals today, which will mainly affect those working in business support areas.

Bosses say that they will work with trade unions through consultation to minimise the potential number of compulsory redundancies, including seeking volunteers and considering redundancy from all areas and redeployment.

The statement continues: "The College continues to put its learners first and has developed its curriculum plan for 17/18 which has been independently externally reviewed and scrutinised.

"It is considered that the plan for the curriculum is robust, current, realistic and achievable.

"Study Programmes have been re-designed and include an increase in the delivery hours for core vocational qualifications and English and maths, which we believe will support staff to deliver positive results in terms of achievement and progression. However, some staffing adjustments are required to align the staffing establishment to deliver the plan in a cost efficient way."



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