JCB staff vote in favour of new working arrangement plans to save 900 jobs

Workers at Staffordshire based JCB have voted to accept temporary flexible working arrangements to save jobs, amid the Coronavirus crisis. 

It follows discussions between management at the digger maker and senior representatives from the GMB Union.

Among the proposals members were asked to vote was the introduction of a system of banking hours and extending shift patterns to include earlier starts and later finish times. Employees will also be guaranteed 39 hours’ basic contractual pay in any one week.

The ballot, conducted today at the Cabs Factory in Beamhurst, Staffordshire, was overseen by independent representatives.

Stuart Harrison, GMB Organiser said: “Our members have saved more than 900 jobs by voting to accept the new flexible working proposal. 

“Now is when the hard work starts, we’ll be working with JCB to ensure this new agreement is implemented equally and fairly across all JCB sites. 

“Thanks to all GMB Members who took part and the senior reps who have been a credit to the union with their hard work and diligence. 

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