intu Potteries makes £123.8 million impact on Stoke-on-Trent local economy

Bosses behind the intu Potteries shopping centre in Hanley have published a report about its impact on the local economy.

It says it had a £123.8 million impact on it in 2018, during which 10 million people visited the centre.

3,133 jobs were also supported by intu Potteries, representing 2 per cent of all jobs in the local area.

The centre now offers a quiet hour on the first Monday of each month between 4pm and 5pm, for people with conditions like autism and dementia.

The centre has also been supporters of Dougie Mac Hospice for many years and helped raise £12,266.99 for the hospice in 2018.

Rachael Jackson – General manager at intu Potteries said: “With 10 million customers in 2018, we take our responsibilities as being a major part of the community seriously. We work with our partners to make a positive impact.

"In 2018 staff used 125 volunteer hours to help raise over £21,000 for local charities and community organisations.

"We pride ourselves on being a hub of the community and are happy to support our staff in these activities.”

A report by intu suggests across the UK it supports a total of 132,950 jobs and contributed £4.8bn to the UK economy last year. That is an increase on 128,490 jobs and an economic contribution of £4.6bn in 2017.

Matthew Roberts, intu chief executive, said: “Retail is a sector that Britain can really be proud of. The best shopping centres employ people in a wide variety of jobs across the length and breadth of the country and are catalysts that create economic and social value.

“intu supports more than 130,000 jobs and contributes billions to the prosperity and wellbeing of communities around the country. Flagship centres such as intu Potteries play an important role in the lives of communities across the UK, not only in terms of the jobs we create but also the taxes we generate as well as the causes we support to improve the lives and wellbeing of people in our neighbourhoods.”

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