Former British Rail worker secures compensation

A Crewe man with terminal cancer has received compensation from a former employer for failing to protect him from asbestos.

84 year-old Harold Shaw, worked for British Rail for 30 years as a labourer in pits lined with the material, and in a role removing asbestos-lagged exhaust pipes.

He started in 1958 at Crewe Railway Works in the Tender Shop. The Tenders were used to carry coal and water for the steam locomotive trains.

In May 2013, after his breathing deteriorated rapidly, Harold was admitted to hospital where he discovered, following tests, that he had mesothelioma - a fatal cancer caused by asbestos.

After being discharged from hospital, Harold contacted Thompsons Solicitors, specialists in asbestos related illness compensation.

Thompsons collated all of the information from Harold’s employment history to create a comprehensive case against British Rail. The strength of the case assembled by Thompsons forced the employer to accept full responsibility and settle the claim out of court. Harold received substantial compensation providing much needed reassurance for him and his family.

Click on the link below to hear the thoughts of Harold Shaw.

Joanne Keen, from Thompsons Solicitors, said: “British Rail failed to protect its workers at Crewe Railway Works from the dangers of asbestos and now employees like Harold are suffering the consequences. Although the exposure to asbestos occurred over 50 years ago, it’s still very important that employers are held to account as the dangers were well known at the time.

“In this case, our specialist knowledge of asbestos claims and quick action assisted Howard to bring the claim to a successful conclusion quickly so that he and his family benefit from much needed reassurance of financial security.”

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