Face coverings to be compulsory for staff and students at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive

Face coverings will be considered part of the uniform at one Cheshire school from September.

Holmes Chapel Comprehensive have been laying out changes, as part of a 'Guide to Coming Back to School'.

It says it has decided that face coverings should be compulsory for students and staff inside school buildings.

They will not be required to be worn during outdoor activities, including break and lunch times.

The schools says it has agreed with uniform provider, Sam Dale & Son, to create a navy design with the school initials on for £3.

The decision to mandate face coverings has been described on the school's website as a 'precautionary additional measure' to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and 'on the balance of probability, the wearing of face masks (in conjunction with all of the other expected safe behaviours) is more likely to make our school safer than if we don’t wear them'.

There will be exemptions, where necessary, for students with special educational needs.

Other safety measures include:

  • Students must keep their distance from each other and personal contact of any description will be discouraged at all times.
  • Students in groups of more than six will be dispersed.
  • Students will at all times, maintain a 2 metre distance from any staff member.
  • Hand sanitising will be compulsory for students and staff on entering every classroom, every lesson.
  • Unnecessary movement of students or staff around school will be discouraged and kept to a minimum.
  • In all corridors, everyone will walk in single file and stay to the left.
  • Drinking directly from water fountains will not be permitted under any circumstances. Drinks bottles may be filled for personal use.

When students return on 7 September all classrooms will have been rearranged so pupils are facing forward, and a gap of at least two metres between the teacher and students is in place.

Rooms will have been deep cleaned and locked over the holiday, and once lessons resume they will be cleaned with industrial cleaning products each day.

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