Extra cash for A&E services in Macclesfield

Macclesfield's MP has welcomed the announcement that funding from the Government’s £100 million capital investment Accident & Emergency (A&E) fund has been allocated to East Cheshire NHS Trust.

In a letter from Philip Dunne, Minister of State at the Department of Health, it was confirmed to David that East Cheshire NHS Trust, which includes Macclesfield Hospital, will receive £879,000 in funding to support the introduction of primary care streaming in A&E departments.

This will mean that Macclesfield Hospital can be prepared for next winter early, and be more fully equipped to give the best care to local residents.

As the minister explained in his letter: “The funding will enable the hospital to put in place the physical infrastructure to allow patients who walk into A&E to be streamed to a co-located GP service, when this is clinically appropriate.

"This model of service is a key way for A&E departments to build resilience at busy times, especially during winter, by ensuring the patients are seen in the most appropriate way and freeing up emergency capacity in A&E. Last winter primary care streaming was an integral part of the A&E model used in the most consistently high performing A&E in England against the standard that patients must be seen, treated and admitted or discharged in under four hours."

Speaking after the announcement, David said: "I welcome the allocation of this new funding, and am pleased that it will be used to help further improve services at our local hospital. It is a positive investment in the A&E services provided at Macclesfield Hospital, and will help support the doctors and nurses who work so hard in that department.

"I will continue to work closely with ministers and East Cheshire NHS Trust to help ensure that local residents receive the Accident & Emergency services they need in the months and years ahead."

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