Experts from Keele encouraging more women to get involved in science

Scientists from Keele University have formed a branch of ‘Soapbox Science’, to encourage young women to consider a career in science.  

Keele academics Dr Dimitra Blana, Dr Sarah Hart, Dr Clare Hoskins and Dr Abbie Rutter will be taking to the streets this Summer to deliver bite-size presentations and talk with members of the public about their specialist subjects which include Bio-science, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Engineering.   

Biomedical engineer Dr Blana’s research helps people regain or improve their movement by developing technological solutions for people who have lost mobility through stroke or injury, and Dr Rutter has been researching the possibility of detecting early markers of cancer in people’s breath.    

Dr Blana, who is leading the group, said: “We want to bring science to the people. It’s about changing people’s perceptions. If you ask somebody to describe a scientist, they all describe a man in a lab coat, and a lot of the time, girls don’t see somebody who looks like a role model.” 

The scientists will be setting up their Soapbox in Hanley on Saturday 6 July, in a bid to tackle these misconceptions.

There will be three sessions throughout the day featuring four scientists sharing their range of expertise in a street theatre style to entertain and inform people.      

The newly formed Stoke-on-Trent branch of Soapbox Science will be one of 42 events planned across 14 countries.

To find out more visit http://soapboxscience.org/

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