Dumped waste clean up to cost taxpayer £2,500

Work to clean up tonnes of commercial waste dumped near Newcastle is taking place.

Up to 20 tonnes of finely shredded material including plastic and paper will be moved from the roadside on Leycett Lane, Leycett, west of Newcastle, at an estimated cost to the taxpayer of up to £2,500.

The waste is destined for Staffordshire County Council's W2R Waste-to-Energy facility at Four Ashes Business Park.

Clive Thomson, the Staffordshire County Council Commissioner responsible for the operation, said: “This waste appeared around the same time as the 175 tonnes dumped a few miles away on a public footpath and woodland at Madeley Heath and the content appears similar.

“It looks very much like this is the last few tonnes that the criminals couldn’t fit on to the other site and it shows again that they just don’t care about the damage to the countryside and the cost and inconvenience for decent members of the public.”

Last week’s clearance of 175 tonnes from Madeley Heath was coordinated by Staffordshire County Council and supported by Newcastle Borough Council and the Forestry Commission, which owns the land.

Ownership of the affected site at Leycett Lane was unclear, so the county council decided to begin the clean-up.

Clive Thomson added: “Having cleaned up the mess at Madeley Heath we didn’t want to delay any longer.

“We are urging everyone to help in the fight against this severely damaging and costly crime and would ask anyone concerned about suspicious activity to please report it to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”


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