Cyclist saved by helmet

Ambulance staff say an elderly Staffordshire cyclist is probably only alive today due to the cycle helmet he was wearing.

The man, who was cycling between Stoke and Rugeley yesterday afternoon, crashed after hitting a pothole as he came down a hill near the village of Milwich Heath. 

He was thrown over the handlebars and landed on his head and shoulders about 10ft away from his bike. 

He had to be airlifted to hospital.

Aircrew paramedic, Kat Ellis, said: "The man’s helmet was in pieces but it had done its job protecting his head. 

"He had suffered a broken collar bone, fractured ribs and had injuries to his shoulder and possibly his pelvis.  

"We immobilised him using a neck collar and spinal board and put a pelvic splint on him. 

"Although he had facial lacerations to his forehead and under his eye, he would almost certainly have been dead from a head injury if he hadn’t been wearing his helmet.   

"Whilst it is clearly up to individuals as to whether they choose to wear a helmet or not, this is the sort of case that shows why we recommend all cyclists to wear one."

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