Crackdown on poor parking outside schools

Pictured L to R - David Brown - Deputy Council Leader at Cheshire East and Enforcement Officers Selwyn Rowley and Aaron Watson

Cheshire East Council is continuing its crackdown on poor parking outside schools.

In partnership with Cheshire Police – who provided a police community support officer to support the activity – the authority sent two civil enforcement officers to The Quinta Primary School to educate parents and guardians on parking safely near the school.

The council says it wanted to tackle the issue head on, with inappropriate parking outside schools being a problem for some time.

Some of the issues we have been told schools are facing from inconsiderate drivers, are parking:

  • On double yellow lines;
  • On school ‘keep clear’ road markings;
  • On pavements, causing obstruction;
  • On zigzag markings and pedestrian crossings;
  • Across school gates; 
  • Across neighbouring private driveways

Traffic congestion at the beginning and end of the school day is a problem for pupils, teachers, residents and the emergency services. It can cause road accidents and injuries to children and is more likely to occur where there is heavy weight of traffic, with children often emerging from behind parked cars.

Nationally, the journey to and from school accounts for 20 per cent of all child casualties involved in road accidents.

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