Conservatives retain control of Staffordshire County Council

The Conservatives have won a comfortable majority in the Staffordshire County Council election.


The Conservatives secured 51 of the 62 seats – an increase of 17 on the 2013 results.

The final results were: Conservative 51, Labour 10 and Other 1.

Staffordshire County Council Leader Philip Atkins said: “We are delighted to be given this massive vote of confidence and mandate to lead Staffordshire County Council for the next four years and I would like to thank all those who voted in this year’s election.

“I would also like to thank all those who stood in the elections and, in particular, all those councillors who will not be re-joining us in the council chamber this year for all their hard work for the council and for the communities they represented.

“There are challenging times ahead and our priority over the coming four years will be to continue to grow the economy, create better jobs and opportunities for skills and learning and support more people lead healthier, more independent lives for as long as possible.”

The new Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet will be confirmed at a meeting of the Full Council on May 25.


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