Community group appeals for help to ensure vulnerable people get cooked meals

The group have been delivering supplies to vulnerable people

A group set up to support older residents in part of Stoke-on-Trent is asking for help to deliver cooked meals.

The Coronavirus Welfare Group has been getting 450 meals a week through UNITAS via VAST from JCB.

While the JCB Meals In The Community project is continuing into next month, the group says it has been told it has received its last delivery.

The group is asking for help to be able to continue to get cooked food to those who need it.

That is on top of the shopping they are doing for vulnerable residents, and picking up prescriptions. 

Deb Allbutt, who helped set up the group in March, said: "If we don't get the funding in or the stock, it basically means we cannot provide the meals.

"Some of the elderly can't cook for themselves, so it is important.

"The Roebuck in Leek is willing to cook the meals from their premises as long as it is funded.

"Hopefully that will take off a little bit of pressure.

"But we need the stock going in there, and the funding to enable us to do that."

The group is made up of a small team of volunteers.

But Debi says that they will need more help to ensure the food does get to those who need it.

She said: "It is the logistic side of it as well, packing the parcels up and getting them out there.

"It is quite a tiring job.

"I think the earliest night I have had recently is 1am in the morning!

"It is really really hard work, but we just have to pull together."

For more information call Debi on 07970 539399 or contact the group on Facebook.

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