Cheshire man set for rally across Europe to raise money for blood cancer fight

Peter McCleave with the Ford Focus he is entering in the Crumball Rally to raise money for DKMS

Peter McCleave is entering a rally to raise awareness and money for his fight against a type of blood cancer.

The 41 year-old father of two from Bunbury was diagnosed with Myeloma in 2016.

Although his condition is now in remission after initial treatment, Peter is still seeking a stem cell donor to help continue his fight against the disease.

Earlier this year in a bid to help himself as well others he established the cause "10,000 Donors" - it's goal was simple - find 10,000 potential donors who could be screened for stem cell donation.

Pete was delighted to tell Signal News he has already smashed through his 10,000 target and currently has 30,000 people registered in less than six months.

Unfortunately, a match for Peter hasn't been found but seven other people have found a stem cell match thanks to his campaign.

In light of the overall success he is now focusing on achieving a new goal - one hundred thousand donors and to raise £25,000 for charity.

As part of the drive to reach those targets, Pete is taking part in the Crumball Rally this week.

On Friday he'll be driving an old Ford Focus from Reims in northern France to Nice, following what is known as the "Italian Job route".

Peter is hoping to then carry on up into Germany to do some more fund raising with the charity DKMS - whose mission is to provide a matching donor for every blood cancer patient in need of a stem cell donation.

For more information on Pete's campaign or to support the Crumball Rally run go to https://www.10000donors.com.

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