Campaigners joining forces over NHS concerns

Community groups, local politicians and unions are joining forces to ensure concerns about changes to NHS services in North Staffordshire are heard.

Following the closure of community beds at Bradwell Hospital last week, the area's Pensioners Convention has brought together several groups who are worried about the next stage.

The region's Clinical Commissioning Groups have delayed the start of a formal public consultation into the future use of community hospitals until May 8th, after local elections have taken place.

Last week the North Staffs Pensioners Convention hosted a meeting with representatives of some local MPs, local councillors, Unison, Save Our Community Hospitals group and Royal College of Nursing members to discuss their concerns.

Today, at their 'Grey Power public' meeting in the Potteries Museum, members and community campaigners demonstrated their intention to oppose the ‘My Care, My Way, Home First’ programme, protect community hospital services and defend the most vulnerable by standing behind a poster of the Nye Bevan quote ‘The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with faith to fight for it’.

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