Campaigner welcomes efforts to tackle fly-tipping in Crewe

A Crewe resident who started an online action group to tackle fly-tipping says he hopes a new campaign will make a difference.

Cheshire East Council has launched a 'No Rubbish Excuses' campaign to reduce the amount of illegally dumped waste on the town's streets.

Over the last 12 months, it’s estimated to have cost the authority £204,000 of taxpayers money to clear up fly-tipped waste and investigate where it has come from.

Officers from the council will be speaking with residents to educate them about how to get rid of unwanted items responsibly, but will be taking action against those who continue to drop litter, dump rubbish and fail to pick up after their dogs.

Gary Palin set up the Crewe Residents Against Fly-Tipping and 'Grot Spots' 18 months ago after becoming fed up of seeing furniture and bags of rubbish abandoned near his home.

He has been working with the authority to highlight the issue, and sharing the concerns of residents.

Gary said: "Hopefully we're going to see some changes now, it is just the start though.

"It's still happening, and in some cases there has been a 100% increase.

"We've had senior members of the council come and actually walk these streets with residents, so they are definitely paying attention.

"It just needs to flow down to the people responsible for knocking on doors and finding out who is doing it."

Gary also wants to see more education than enforcement, though understands that some people will only change their behaviour if they are hit in the pocket with fines.

With a large rental market in the area, he says that could also be extended to landlords if they or their tenants do not get rid of their rubbish properly. 

He said: "Make them responsible for the mess that comes out of their house.

"Maybe then they will make sure their tenants aren't just dumping mattresses from the previous tenant, and they will make sure that they know when the bin day is and not to leave it out on the street - 20 or 30 bags at a time."

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