Body of cat found in bag dumped in water

The RSPCA is investigating after cat’s body in a bag was pulled out of water in Newcastle.

A member of the public contacted the animal welfare charity yesterday (29 June) after the distressing find in a manmade lagoon on a worksite in Sutton Avenue, in Silverdale.

RSPCA inspector Charlotte Melvin, who is investigating, said: “The worksite is completely fenced off so whoever did this would have had to have climbed over the fence or thrown the carrier over it.

"At this stage, what we don’t know is whether the cat was alive or dead when thrown into the water, but what we do know is that the cat wasn’t very old and was in a good condition.

“The cat sadly wasn’t microchipped and was not wearing a collar, so we have no idea where they came from.

“We are concerned about what this cat may have gone through while alive, so we are urging anyone who has any information to contact us in complete confidence on 0300 123 8018.”




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