Bentley celebrates 100 years of producing luxury cars

Crewe based Bentley Motors is celebrating 100 years of producing cars.

In 1919 Walter Owen (W.O.) Bentley created a company with a simple objective: to build “a fast car, a good car, the best in its class”.

The company say this  guiding principle has driven Bentley ever since, pushing the brand forward and making it the leader in automotive luxury around the world today.

Today the car manufacturer reaches the extraordinary milestone of 100 years of car production.

From modest beginnings, Bentley has moved from strength to strength – in its relentless pursuit of both luxury and performance.

It also has a rich motorsport heritage, earning its place within the racing world, Bentley’s victories at Le Mans in the 1920s echoed around the world, and returned once again in the 21st century. 

Owned by Volkswagen AG since 1998, Bentley Motors remains a definitive British luxury car company, crafting some of the world’s most desirable high performance grand tourers.

As part of the centenary Bentley is set to publicly reveal a new concept car - the Bentley EXP 100 GT - a transformative zero emissions vehicle that will 'inspire extraordinary human experiences through a perfect blend of technology and craftsmanship'.

The Bentley EXP 100 GT is also a showcase of sustainability and innovation, engineered to 'create a greater awareness of the world outside'.

The firm says it will feature a fascinating array of materials seamlessly blended together by the designers at Bentley Motors, who have taken handcraftsmanship of materials to an as yet unseen level to set the new benchmark for luxury craftsmanship.

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