Arrest death - man died from effects of cocaine and stress of incident

An inquest into the death of a man after he was arrested in Newcastle has found he died as a result of the effects of cocaine and the stress of the incident.

34-year-old Adrian McDonald died after being tasered and detained at a flat in the town in December 2014.

Speaking following the conclusion of the inquest Chief Constable of Staffordshire Police, Gareth Morgan, said: "My thoughts and condolences remain with Adrian McDonald's family.

"His death is a tragedy and I do not underestimate the impact the lengthy investigation and inquest has had on them. I am also very aware of the impact that this investigation has had on the staff involved. 

"The evidence and role officers played in the detention of Adrian has been thoroughly examined in this inquest. 

"The jury concluded that the officers acted appropriately based on the information they received that a man had gained access to a flat and was causing damage to property. Sadly, this information was false and was not corrected on police arrival. 

"This meant the officers did not have a true picture of the incident they were attending, but the jury found the force used was appropriate in the circumstances. The jury also found that officers had made attempts to calm and reassure Adrian. 

"Police officers are routinely called out to deal with potentially dangerous and developing incidents where they have to make rapid decisions, using their training and knowledge, to try to prevent people coming to harm. 

"As a police service we have already changed procedures and guidelines as a result of this tragedy."

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