Anti-hunt protesters stage demo at police HQ

Around 300 anti-hunt protesters have staged a demonstration outside Cheshire police's headquarters in Winsford.

It was against at what is seen as a lack of action against illegal fox hunting.

The force says its working hard to police hunts but campaigners say more needs to be done.

Cheshire police has been criticised for not successfully prosecuting anyone for illegal fox hunting since a ban was introduced in 2004.

Jane Smith, Deputy Leader of the Animal Welfare Party said: "We are here today to demand police and Crown Prosecution Service action on illegal fox hunting in Cheshire which goes on week in, week out across the county during the season.

"People are sick and tied of it, foxes are being terrorised and killed with blatant disregard for the law by the hunts. They have been getting away with it since the hunting ban in 2004, enough is enough we want the law strengthened to allow the police to do their job and to arrest these people so they can be prosecuted.

"I would have been delighted if 20 people had turned up today, but to see these kind of numbers is fantastic, I love them all for turning out to stand up for foxes.

"We are going to be doing more demonstrations at the Crown Prosecution Service, we have already protested at their regional headquarters in Liverpool, we probably need to go down to London next, we have got to make sure we are heard on this because if we don't stand up for the wild animals of Cheshire nobody else will."

Cheshire's Police and Crime Commissioner David Keane is carrying out an independent review into illegal hunting in Cheshire.

A scrutiny meeting is taking place in public on Monday 25 February.

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