Alice Charity launches foodbank to combat hunger

A charity has opened a foodbank in Newcastle due to an increase in demand.

Alice Charity has opened it's 'People's Pantry' to provide two days of emergency food for families in need.

The initiative has been launched following a viral response to a Facebook post. 

Supporting Newcastle & Stoke foodbanks current limitations, the People’s Pantry will open for five days a week in its discreet, Newcastle-­under-­Lyme location using typical supermarket shopping bags to offer a fully confidential service.

The initiative will also provide food which is not currently provided by food banks in Stoke-­on-­Trent such as baby food.

Clare Burton from Stoke-­on-­Trent has been supported by Alice Charity and commented: “After my child tax credits were cut eight months ago I found myself struggling. I contacted my local MP who put me in touch with Alice and I honestly don’t know where I’d be now if I hadn’t found them.

“Alice Charity have provided me with a number of food shops but from there I’ve found a support network which has helped to keep me strong when times
got tough.

“I think that this new initiative will be a great help to people and my message to anyone struggling would be to come along because there’s absolutely no
judgment and a team of friendly faces who will do all that they can to get back on your feet”.

The initiative will act as an extension of Alice Charity with members of its current team working alongside lots of new volunteers at the premises and
actively promoting its culture.

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