Action group call for urgent improvements at Crewe bus station

Photos taken by the Crewe and District Bus Users Group

Crewe and District Bus Users Group say the bus station is unsafe.

The group say it's in such a bad state of repair that it's only a matter of time before an accident happens.

They say the facilities are poor, there's broken glass in the ceiling panels which are boarded up, there are no security cameras, no toilets and risky areas that have been cordoned off.

Despite the station being earmarked for redevelopment, the group are calling on the site owners Cheshire East Council to take action.

Carol Jones, Chair of Crewe and District Bus Users Group said: "We have raised issues with the Council but they are just not listening to us. All we get are more promises that the bus station will be replaced as part of the redevelopment of Crewe Town centre.

"That redevelopment has been delayed and delayed and delayed. There is no reason why the bus station cannot be redeveloped on its own. It is not dependent on the redevelopment of the shopping areas and in fact, if there are problems in getting developers interested in the town centre scheme.

"If Cheshire East Council were serious about it, by going ahead and replacing the present bus station with a new transport interchange, Cheshire East would be showing their commitment and stimulating new interest from developers."

Another member of the Group, Carrie Alltree added: "Like many people in Crewe, I do not drive and I rely on the buses to get about. I listen to people who regularly say how awful the bus station is and how they do not like to go there. If you look at some of the comments from residents on our Facebook group you will realise how disgusting it is that Crewe people have to put up with this. Cheshire East Council owns the bus station but they have not taken any responsibility to keep it safe."

Councillor Ainsley Arnold, Cheshire East Council Cabinet Member for Housing, Planning and Regeneration, said: “While Cheshire East Council has the freehold ownership of the Royal Arcade site, the bus station – including the former toilets and garages – is the responsibility of Arriva, as part of a lease arrangement. 

"As previously stated, a new bus station is an important part of major plans to revitalise Crewe town centre and redevelop the Royal Arcade site.”

A spokesperson for Cheshire East Council added: “As part of its £50m regeneration programme for Crewe town centre, Cheshire East Council is continuing to make progress on plans for the redevelopment of the Royal Arcade site.

"Through delivery by its preferred development partner, Peveril Securities, these will create new mixed-use development, including a new cinema, bus station and car park on the site."

An Arriva spokesperson said: "We are aware of the issue with Crewe bus station and following a meeting with Cheshire East Council in August, we understand there are plans in place to redevelop the site.

"Arriva is now awaiting confirmation from the council on when the work is due to take place. We would like to ask members of the public to be patient with us while we await the response from the Council on how soon work can commence, and promise that the situation is being monitored closely.”

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