Academics helping Staffordshire Police use international research to improve how they work

A new research centre has been launched at Keele University, where academics and police will work together to tackle the challenges emergency services face.

The new Keele Policing Academic Collaboration (KPAC) will allow them take advantage of studies and data from around the world to improve how they work.

It builds on work that is already taking place to break down barriers between academic knowledge and real policing.

Keele University’s Professor Clifford Stott, Co-Director of KPAC, said: “There are some very powerful challenges we have to face in society and it is important that our research at Keele helps address these in meaningful ways.

“KPAC is a new initiative to help generate partnerships between University based researchers, the ‘blue light’ services or others such as the local authorities and community based organisations. Through these partnerships we hope to generate research based solutions that will make really meaningful contributions to the safety and security of our communities.”

At the launch of KPAC, Staffordshire Police and Crime Commissioner CEO Glynn Dixon spoke of the wider changes in the police service, and expressed how important the collaboration is for the future of policing.

Speaking at the event, he said: “Policing is going through a period of major change that will result in a service that looks and feels very different to the one we know today.

“We must build collaborations that help us to see the world of policing through different lenses and avoid inward-looking and insular approaches.

“While there are several policing and academic collaborations in the UK it is important that we develop capacity to address issues relevant to our communities and to the wider region. Keele University is an organisation that is nationally excellent, already producing world-class research and has expertise in policing and community safety."

The centre will initially focus on issues including the policing of crowds, adult and child safeguarding, forensic science, community safety and cohesion, procedural justice, organisational change and leadership.

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