83-year-old woman dies in bungalow fire

An 83-year-old woman has died in a house fire in Stafford.

Pumps from Eccleshall, Longton, Stafford and Newcastle attended the bungalow on Windmill Lane, Croxton, on Sunday morning (27 October), and firefighters used breathing apparatus and hose reel jets to extinguish the fire.

Sadly, the woman was found deceased inside the address.

A man who had entered the property was treated for smoke inhalation.

Unfortunately, there were no working smoke alarms in the bungalow to quickly alert others to the blaze.

Fire Investigation Officer Simon Craythorn said: "This is an incredibly sad incident and our thoughts are with her friends and family at this difficult time.

"We believe the fire began in the kitchen and started in the kettle. She had tried to leave the property before becoming overcome by the smoke. Unfortunately, there were no working smoke alarms in the bungalow to quickly alert others to the blaze.

“A man did enter the property in an attempt to rescue the lady. He was able to get her outside but sadly she died at the scene. Although his actions are to be commended, we do not advise anyone enters a burning building, but calls 999 and waits for the fire service to arrive.

“This tragedy is a stark reminder to have a suitable number of smoke alarms in your property and ensure that they are working properly.

“This woman was elderly, which is one of the top four factors in fatal fires which is highlighted in our SAME campaign. The campaign aims to raise awareness that Smoking, Alcohol, Mobility issues and being Elderly make people more vulnerable to dying in a fire in their home

“If you know of someone who is vulnerable or elderly that hasn’t received a free Safe and Well visit from us please get in touch with our Community Advice Team on 0800 0241 999. We are also keen to hear from those people who may have received a Safe and Well visit previously but whose circumstances, such as medical conditions, have changed since we last came around.”

For information about smoke alarms and staying safe and well in your home ring the Service’s Community Advice Team on 0800 0241 999 or visit: https://www.staffordshirefire.gov.uk/your-safety/.

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