£2m to be spent on new beds at Royal Stoke

45 new beds will be in place at the Royal Stoke University Hospital by the start of next year, at a cost of £2 million.

Work is now underway to reconfigure the main building, to increase the size of 12 wards by either three or four beds.

The new beds will help reduce the time patients needing to be admitted wait in A&E, and help meet national waiting targets.

In July 15,922 attended the emergency department, with 74.5% seen within 4 hours - the target is 95%.

Dr John Oxtoby, Medical Director, said: “The additional bed capacity will be created through the conversion of largely unused day rooms and assisted bathrooms that are currently being used for storage.

"From a clinical perspective converting these under-utilised spaces is absolutely the right thing to do for our patients.”

Initially fewer beds will be available due to the works taking place, with the Jackfield Ward at Haywood Hospital being used to offset this.

Extreme pressure 

The announcement of new beds comes as bosses at the University of North Midlands NHS Trust say A&Es at both the Royal Stoke and County Hospital in Stafford are experiencing 'exceptionally high demand'.

They are asking people to only attend for anything classed as an emergency, including:

  • choking
  • chest pain
  • loss of consciousness
  • severe blood loss
  • broken bones
  • difficulty breathing
  • deep wounds
  • suspected stroke

Paula Clark, Chief Executive, said: “Once patients are admitted to a ward we give them excellent care, but the experience of waiting in A&E for long periods is far from ideal and I want to see significant progress in this area.

"We simply don’t have enough beds at the moment, so this investment really will help improve the overall experience of our patients as we move into what is likely to be a very busy winter.

"Getting patients into a bed in quickly is only part of the equation, we still need help from other NHS and social care partners to ensure that people are discharged in a timely way, but this is an important piece of the jigsaw.”



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