257,000 fake cigarettes seized on M6

The haul of tobacco seized by the Central Motorway Policing Group

Fake cigarettes worth around £60,000 have been seized in Staffordshire.

257,000 counterfeit cigarettes were discovered in a van stopped by police near Keele services on the M6 this lunchtime (19 May).

Staffordshire County Council’s trading standards team was informed, and has taken possession of the haul.

Cabinet Member for Communities and the Environment Gill Heath said: “As a result of this action, the supply of thousands of harmful counterfeit cigarettes has been halted.

“Counterfeit tobacco is damaging to people’s health and can undermine smoking cessation efforts as it is usually sold at a cheaper price. In addition, they can be a fire risk as they do not self-extinguish when left to burn as legitimate cigarettes do.

"We are always grateful for any information on the sale of counterfeit tobacco.”




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