16 warning letters issued since PSPO's were introduced in Newcastle town centre

Sixteen warning letters have been issued since a new order was introduced to tackle anti-social behaviour, drinking and vandalism in Newcastle town centre.

The Public Space Protection Order was brought in two months ago after backing from businesses and residents.

It was followed a six week consultation, with people telling the borough council they were concerned about those drinking or taking drugs in public.

The order, which also covers Queen Elizabeth Park, bans:

Possession of an open alcoholic container.

Use of illegal drugs or "novel psychoactive substances".

Possession or use of an aerosol or another item intended to be used to deface the street scene.

Carrying-out repairs in council car parks other than when there has been an emergency breakdown.

Use of any council car parks as a place to congregate or for use other than legitimate car parking purposes.

Behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

Persistent offenders will be given warning letters, before being asked to sign a contract pledging to improve their behaviour.


Those who continue to fail to comply with the rules of the order could then face a fine of up £1,000.

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