Potters at the double over local rivals

Stoke Potters returned to winning ways with a double success over local rivals Buxton on Sunday.

Max Clegg was the star for the Potters with a faultless 18 point maximum as they won 52-38 at Buxton in the afternoon.

He was again the hero with another maximum as Stoke returned home to win 50-39 at Loomer Road.

Buxton opened proceedings with a 4-2 in the opening heat as Ben Wilson and Lewis Whitmore got the better start before Potters guest Anders Rowe managed to drive underneath Whitmore to take second place. The Potters drew level in the third heat as skipper Max Clegg came out as the rider replacement and duly delivered taking victory from Tom Woolley with David Wallinger third. 

The Potters once again fell behind as Hitmen guest Joe Lawlor and home skipper Woolley combined for a maximum 5-1 over Rowe who tussled for the whole four laps with Woolley holding the Potter at bay. The Potters then struck with a 5-1 from Wallinger and Alcock over Douglas and then a further 4-2 from Adam Extance and Burnett.

Burnett followed on by two further 4-2 advantages from Clegg and Alcock and Rowe and Extance along with a 5-1 from Extance and Wallinger put the Potters into a 38-28 lead after eleven races.

Heat twelve was stopped with the Hitmen on for a 5-1 but reserve Pavitt lost control and fell with Potter Wallinger unable to avoid the stricken Pavitt as he went over the top of the youngster. Wallinger walked back to the pits but Pavitt was taken off the track by ambulance. Pavitt is excluded from the restart as the primary cause of the stoppage while Burnett replaces Wallinger. Woolley takes the victory from Burnett with Alcock third for a drawn heat. Clegg takes victory in the next race with Rowe third with Wilson splitting the Potters pairing for a Stoke 4-2 heat advantage with the Potters leading 33-45 with two races remaining. 

The Potters sealed victory and took all four points for an away win with a 4-2 heat advantage in the final race as Clegg defeated Lawlor to take the chequered flag with Rowe taking third to give the Potters a 38-52 victory.

BUXTON 38: Tom Woolley 12+1, Joe Lawlor 9, Ben Wilson 8, Corban Pavitt 6+1, Lewis Whitmore 2+1, Kieran Douglas 1, Connor Coles r/r

STOKE 52: Max Clegg 18, Anders Rowe 8, Joe Alcock 7+3, Adam Extance 7, Paul Burnett 6+1, David Wallinger 6+1, Rob Shuttleworth r/r

Stoke then completed a quickfire double with a 50-39 victory at Loomer Road on Sunday night.

Both teams were reduced to five men with David Wallinger being ruled out for the Potters and Corban Pavitt being ruled out for the Hitmen after this afternoon’s clash at Hi-Edge Raceway.

The Potters went into an early lead taking three 4-2 heat advantages in the opening four races to lead 15-9 with Anders Rowe and Adam Extance in the opening heat being followed up by Paul Burnett and Joe Alcock with Max Clegg and Burnett giving the home side the advantage. Buxton gained a 4-2 back in heat five as former Potter Ben Wilson took victory from Burnett with Lewis Whitmore taking third but the A.R. Richards Potters struck back immediately with two 4-2 advantages of their own as Rowe and Extance and then Clegg and Alcock pressed the Potters advantage home with the Potters leading 25-17 after seven heats,

The Potters gained a further advantage in heat nine after the race was stopped when leader Joe Lawlor guesting for the Hitmen slowed due to a mechanical failure with the bike catching fire with Lawlor grabbing the fire extinguisher at the start line to put the fire out, referee Phil Griffin halting the race due to safety and awarding the race to Extance with Kieran Douglas second for a Potters 3-2. Buxton gained a 4-2 in heat twelve before Stoke struck with a 5-1 from Clegg and Rowe over Lawlor after Wilson had fallen to seal the points for the Potters.

Potters skipper Max Clegg romped to his second 18-point maximum of the day and he received solid support from Paul Burnett guest Anders Rowe and Adam Extance while Alcock slowed as the evening went on in only his second meeting back after a shoulder injury.

STOKE 50: Max Clegg 18, Paul Burnett 11+1, Anders Rowe 9+2, Adam Extance 9, Joe Alcock 3+1, David Wallinger dnr, Rob Shuttleworth r/r.

BUXTON 39: Tom Woolley 13+2, Joe Lawlor 9, Ben Wilson 7, Lewis Whitmore 5+1, Kieran Douglas 5, Corban Pavitt dnr, Connor Coles r/r.

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