Storm Brian: What you need to know

A yellow weather warning for gales of up to 70mph is out between 4am and midnight on Sunday.

Forecasters have already warned the storm will bring a "weather-bomb" that could cause more damage than Hurricane Ophelia.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Burkill said the risk of strong winds in England has now also extended further north than first thought.  He said: "The rain and strong winds have edged a little further northwards.  Gusts of 50-60mph inland seem fairly plausible, and around exposed coastal areas we can expect to see winds of between 60-70mph.  The worst risk areas are along the south coast and the west coast, but even heading as far north as north-west England, such as the west coast of Cumbria and Lancashire, which are now in the yellow warning area."

:: When is it due to arrive and which areas are likely to be most affected?

It will arrive on Saturday. A yellow warning (meaning "be aware" the weather conditions might affect you) is issued for Wales and the North Western parts of the UK.

:: Is there a threat to life?

Winds as strong as 70mph are capable of causing structural damage, downing power lines and uprooting trees, so it is important to be aware and travel only if necessary.

It is best to follow official guidance when the storm arrives and the risks become clearer.

:: Will it cause a lot of disruption?

The Met Office says road, rail, air and ferry services may be affected.

:: Should we be worried?

Don't be worried - but it is important to be aware, read the official guidance and check weather broadcasts when the storm arrives.


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