More than 2 million people over 75 live alone in the UK

Many don’t speak to a SINGLE person for a month

Loneliness can be as damaging as smoking 15 cigarettes a day


How Can YOU Help?

In 3 easy steps you can be part of our #DontDanceAlone Campaign

  1. Dance with your grandparents, parents or an elderly neighbour and film a short clip
  2. Share on Facebook and #DontDanceAlone
  3. Donate to Feel The Love Fund.. Click on the Just Giving page to donate here

£5 will provide a hearty lunch at a day centre

£10 will provide an older person with expert advice over the telephone

£100 will organise an afternoon tea party for a group of older people

£150 will organise a Christmas Party for a group of older people

Do you need help and advice for yourself or a loved one? This is your one stop shop for support, advice, information, and training in the Stoke or Staffordshire region. 0330 1231937 or visit https://www.thecarershub.co.uk/

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